Welcome to Pixel Surfer Travel Blog

Hi, welcome to our site and thanks for stopping by. Quite simply we are two 30ish year olds that love adventure, travel and each other. We’ve both done our fair share of travelling alone and our taste for the world outside this little island has only grown since being together. So expect some messy, fun and random stories as we attempt to get ourselves around South East Asia and a few other spectacular places!

On our blog you’ll hopefully find some brutally honest tales about travelling on a budget, exploring places with your other half and we will try to fit in some stories about surfing, skating and jumping off things. Most importantly we will share our thoughts on all the great food and culture we will be experiencing along the way. We hope to make you smile and give you something to ponder over. So please mind the typos (We will try to keep them to a minimum) and pull up a chair.

About Us

Jamie Lomas

Blackpudlian. Grew up in the beautifully northern seaside town of Blackpool England; with a big tower, seagulls and the best fish and chips in England. Mainly enjoys skate boarding, surfing, snowboarding (anything board related) and computers. Is a website developer by day and a avid gamer by night. Loves exploring and generally mooching around, is known to be (a bit) stubborn and has stinky feet.

Elisabeth Dane

Bristolian. Grew up in the quirky south western town of Bristol England. The one with the pretty suspension bridge designed and built by the man in the fancy top hat called Isambard Kingdom Brunel (great name). Mainly enjoys playing hockey, reading, eating and drinking in any order. Is also pretty stubborn but has lovely feet.