What I really didn’t need to bring in my Asian Adventure Backpack

So we’ve been travelling around the place for a couple of months now and we have become quite used to packing and unpacking our bag (oh the joy). I am also a big fan of lists, so as I know my bag pretty much inside out now I have decided to write, 3 Things I wish I hadn’t brought & 3 Things I wish I’d brought. Simple

3 things I really don’t need (and am now stuck lugging around, unless I decide to bail and leave it in some random hostel which may end up happening!)

  1. No I did not need 4 pairs of shoes. So I’ve brought havaianas flip flops, walking sandals, converse trainers and some stripy flat pump shoes. The 1st three ultimately have taken a bit of a beating. My converse are pealing down the sides and are a permanent grey not white. My walking sandals have my dirty feet imprinted into the their soles (and souls- if shoes have them) and my havaianas flip flops, well I’m surprised they are still going and I haven’t torn the thong part straight out (In India our taxi driver dropped us at the top of a newly tarmacked road that led down to our hotel and told us to walk, I was sure my flip flops were gonners, luckily they just got two ton of tar stuck to them, some of its still there today #hardy). I do also have a nice callus formed between my big toe and second toe from the comfortable hard rubber. The pair of stripy pretty pumps….yeah I’ve worn them all of 2 times. I don’t need them, they don’t go with anything and I can’t walk very far in them without them slipping off my feet, fashion accessory and just not practical. Soon to be travelers listen, practical over fashionable. My plain black flip flops or plain white (ish) trainers go with anything. If they break we can pick up a replacement. Easy. Sorry striped pumps but you may be permanently holidaying in Laos soon.
  2. We haven’t felt the need to use my super-duper noisy door stop alarm. This is obviously a good thing. I’d probably forget it was there and open the door in the morning to wake up the entire hotel. It’s a handy thing to have with us, just in case. But it’s nice to know we’ve not felt the need to use it. I won’t be leaving it anywhere as there is still always the ‘just in case’ feeling, but there are smaller door locks and alarms that we could have brought. This one is reasonably hefty with a big ish battery so a smaller version probably would have given us the same peace of mind.
  3. We brought quite a few different cameras and didn’t try them out properly at home. Ultimately it was because we ran out of time. One in particular our 360* GoPro Fusion has caused a ridiculous amount of headaches because the technology to support this device just isn’t quite there yet (i.e Instagram only allows 30 seconds of 360* video content via the mobile app and Facebook 1 minute- it’s not really enough trust us). But in any case to get any more than 30 seconds requires editing of the video that really can only be done on a higher spec computer. For a decent laptop to be able to do this you are looking a couple of thousand pounds. We instead thought that a higher spec Android tablet would be able to cope. It’s an Nvidia Gaming tablet and it’s a lovely bit of kit, we just can’t edit the videos on it. GoPro has not even brought out the software to support its Fusion camera on Android, oh yes Apple users only, not that we are bitter! The battery life of the tablet is not great and probably would be the same on any tablet we brought with us that we needed to write blogs on, download pictures, edit pictures, and edit videos. Really we didn’t need a tablet (but we thought it would save space) we needed a laptop—-> see below.


3 things that would have been pretty darn useful

  1. So as above, we should have brought our laptop with us. It would have made things so much easier. I think we underestimated how many pictures we’d take and how much I’d like to write. WIFI has been ok, it’s been a bit slow to upload things especially the larger text files and videos, especially as we are having to use our tablet and phones. So in Bangkok we bit the bullet went to the technology market and brought a second hand laptop for around £135. It’s pretty good Acer laptop with Windows 10 and it’s made our life so much easier! Moving photo files onto the hard drive-easy, watching videos from the hard drive-easy, typing essays-easy and generally less grumpy Jamie and Lis- easy. So if you are planning on posting lots of pictures, videos and musings then bring your laptop!
  2. Dope forgot a hat didn’t I! Yep I’ve needed a hat surprisingly. It’s been hot, I like lying on the beach and in the sun, a hat would be handy. We did go and buy a very fetching cap from Phuket but somehow I’ve left that somewhere. What I really should have brought is my bigger brimmed sunhat that can pack down flat isn’t bulky and a pain to put away (you don’t really want to squash a cap and it doesn’t go that flat anyway). I’m sure I’ll find something similar on our travels but as yet nothing has caught my fancy!
  3. My kindle. I think I thought we were bringing too much tech…so we brought 3 hefty books instead. Oh well we have had to leave them around the place and I guess that means other travelers get to enjoy them. However, now that tech is so prevalent with us travelers I have struggled to find any other books! 6 years ago it was all the rage to swap your read book at your hotel or hostel for the next fantasy tale, but now it seems that tradition is dying out. So far the only book we’ve picked up has been Silver Linings Playbook. A good story but I am really hoping we find more. I have missed my kindle when we have had any chill out time, it’s so easy to download books and keep them stored. I’m missing my stories but am having a blast making our own!


Just a couple of tips. Bring things that are practical and durable and remember you are going to be carrying this stuff around you’ll learn to love it (or hate it) but just make sure it was worth coming with you on the adventure.




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